Picnics & Parks

Picnics & Parks

Picnics And Parks

Picnics and Parks

Foodies and Wine Lovers can explore the Fleurieu using Wirrina Cove Resorts as your base. There is so much on offer.

Delectable Dairy

This region’s lush pastures are perfect for the production of rich, creamy cow cheeses, traditional farmhouse cheddars, tangy goat and sheep cheeses, and thick Jersey cream that you could cut with a knife! Don’t go home without sampling the local yoghurt and quark.

Fruits Of The Sea

The clean southern waters off these coasts teem with all manner of seafood, with squid being a regional specialty, while inland waterways yield tasty yabbies and trout for the region’s restaurant tables. And what could be better than eating freshly caught fish on a sandy beach?

Seasonal Bounty

This region prides itself on crisp, organic apples, buttery pears, avocados and Australia’s finest almonds. You can buy farm fresh Fleurieu Peninsula produce direct from the growers at the Willunga and Victor Harbor Farmers Markets every Saturday morning, rain or shine. On the Peninsula we invite you to pick your own ripe strawberries and blueberries or take home a punnet of perfect raspberries.

The Good Oil

Since first settlement, olive trees have thrived in these rich, red-brown soils. Today, the olive oil produced here is being compared favourably to Italy’s finest. You can snack on plump Kalamata table olives with fresh crusty bread, or join in the celebrations and events during the annual ‘Olive Oil Festival’.

World Class Restaurants

The Fleurieu’s culinary heritage is firmly based in the cuisines of the Mediterranean. Seasonality, freshness and simplicity are valued above all, creating an ever-changing, unforgettable blend of tastes and flavours. The chefs who live and work in the region proudly showcase this abundant produce to perfection.

Quality Livestock

Hidden among the hills and valleys are countless gourmet wonders to experience. Take the time to discover succulent spring lamb, prime beef, kid, turkey, chicken, tasty venison pies, or fresh tender rabbit for a warming winter casserole… the perfect blend of rustic and refined.

Renowned Food & Wine

Our premium wines from McLaren Vale, Langhorne Creek, Currency Creek and Southern Fleurieu enjoy international acclaim and now the food from Fleurieu Peninsula – jams, jellies, chocolate, spicy sauces and delicious ‘dukkah’ are in demand worldwide.

Courtesy: www.fleurieufood.com.au